Elevate Schools is Determined to Solve the Education Crisis in America Dedicated to Uniting Parents, Teachers, and Administrators Empowering Schools with Over 20 Education Reform Initiatives Introducing future-focused learning for improved education in the US

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The American educational system is in a dire state, producing mediocre results year after year.

Rampant grade inflation and inappropriate metrics are creating a false sense of security. Many countries have surpassed the U.S. in student performance. The time for school reform is now.


To reform the United States public education system one state at a time so that more students are college and career-ready (CCR).


To elevate United States public education to a top 10 global ranking in reading, math, and science by 2035.


Who We Are

Elevate Schools is an organization focused on long-range strategic plans and school reform. It will be the primary interest of the board of directors as it sets its priorities and makes its decisions.

Elevate Schools Core Values

  1. Knowledge and wisdom have the power to change the nation.
  2. Education is the bulwark of a democracy.
  3. Education is the only path out of poverty.
  4. The US public education system is in dire need of reform.
  5. Solution orientation is required to succeed.
  6. Embracing ethical practices is inviolate.

Why Is Action Needed?

The education system requires urgent reform to address intertwined disparities in access, well-being, and future-ready skills for all children and calls for a holistic change. We must empower all students through equitable, effective, and future-focused learning that nurtures both minds and hearts.



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Parents and Lack of Discipline Explain Our Substandard Public Education

Printed: July 1, 2022, Lakeland Times

Let’s suppose a reporter is interviewing me, and they ask, “After your many years of research, what is the most important thing we can do to fix our K-12 public schools?” Here is what I would say.

As an author and educational researcher, I would like to provide my insights to help explain what is happening to education nationwide. We are having a terrible time educating our children. National test scores are far too low for a country with a great educational legacy like ours.

There are major issues with how we try to engage and educate our children, and we need serious and widespread education reform. One of the biggest issues is the inadequate behavior of a small minority of our students. Some of our parents send kids to school in a system they do not appreciate or respect. This rubs off on the children, who show disdain for their teachers, leading to a lack of respect and discipline problems. I have talked with teachers who have engaged with some of their parents in demeaning and painful telephone calls or face-to-face meetings. One of my acquaintances is quitting the world of education because she is tired of being called a “bitch”.

Discipline Management Steals Valuable Classroom Time

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