The Kids are Smart Enough, So What’s the Problem?

A Businessman’s Perspective on Educational Reform and the Teacher Crisis.

Dr. Richard W. Garrett

Richard Garrett is a trained industrial engineer with a BS and MS  from Purdue University, and a PHD in operations research from Northwestern University. After 27 years with the Eli Lily and Company, Garrett has dedicated his time and energy to studying the U.S. public education system.

Data shows that classrooms throughout the nation suffer from a small percentage of misbehaving students, resulting in lost classroom time and demoralized educators who are perpetually blamed for student’s bad performance.

In his first book, the Kids Are Smart Enough, So What’s the Problem?, Garrett shines a light on the issues plaguing the United State education system. The root cause of these misbehaving children is not a lack of intellectual ability, but rather a lack of character and the solution lies in listening to teachers, learning from data while taking a more business approach to the problems, and uncovering the root causes in each school system.

Critical Analysis

Reshaping the Broken Education System

Dick’s book, The Kids Are Smart Enough, So What’s the Problem?, traces his growing concerns about problems in public elementary education. Those concerns led to extensive research from a business executive’s perspective, applying systems analysis skills from his background in engineering. Our interview probed not only the findings from that research, but even more current knowledge of education reform efforts which Dick continues to harvest and share. He has created an online gallery of videos for the general public, explicating what he has learned about educational-outcome statistics and various efforts to improve the outcomes. Listen Now!