About Elevate Schools

Who we are

Elevate Schools, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit advocacy organization devoted to improving the quality of public PreK-12 public education. To accomplish this, we look to US Education Is in Trouble, Let’s Fix It! 22 Reform Proposals, a recently published book (Aug. 2023) by our founder and author Richard W. Garrett, Ph.D. This book lays out a roadmap of 22 reform proposals that will go a long way towards fixing our problems.

The Importance of Teachers to Quality Education

We are private citizens, parents, and voters who believe teachers are public servants who deserve our support and respect. They are, hands down, the most important variable in a high quality school equation. We believe teachers are the element that works well in our education system. We have chosen a system of education that our teachers must work within, rather than a system that supports teachers in their endeavor to educate our children. There are many reasons that schools struggle and few, if any, have to do with teachers.

We believe that schools and teachers need our support and encouragement. We dedicate ourselves to the task of improving our public schools so more of our children receive a quality education, an education that gives them self-confidence and makes them proud.

Why now?

The challenges teachers face in today’s public education system are creating an unmitigated teacher crisis.  From a lack of respect from the public (often fueled by the media) to a lack of support from their schools, teachers in American schools have become some of the least appreciated and least empowered professionals in the country.

Issues faced by teachers today include the following.

  1. Lack of respect from disruptive students, as illustrated by student indifference, profane outbursts, and other demeaning acts.
  2. Lack of empathy, understanding, and respect by the general public about the issues in schools.
  3. Low school grades are blamed when, in fact, there are no consequences for the students if they choose to remain indifferent.
  4. Never-ending educational reform “initiatives” that increase workload without increasing support like Common Core, state exams, federal reports,  etc.
  5. Physical assault by students, adding a new peril to the growing teacher crisis.
  6. Low administrative support with the threat of retribution for “rocking the boat,” unjustified scrutiny over parental complaints, comments, or accusations.
  7. Renowned author and teacher of literacy Nancie Atwell recently won the first annual $1 million Global Teacher Prize awarded by the Varkey Foundation. When asked by CNN whether she would advise others to become a public school teacher, she responded that she would not.
  8. High stress + low enthusiasm.  Recent surveys have found teachers unenthusiastic about their profession, with most hesitant to recommend a career in the public education system.

Elevate Schools transformed from an idea into a movement with the reduction in teacher education program enrollment. Reduced interest in teaching due to unrealistic expectations, meaningless statewide statistics that don’t take multiple factors into account, and lack of educator support from parents are, in part, a result of the declining status of teachers in our society. The crisis in the United States Education System is at an all-time high, now is the time to act.

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